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    Military vehicles, heavy metal music, walking machines, metal fabrication and computers
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    Walking machine
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  1. Dear DrD, thank you. I have used woodstoves for a number of years. When they got too hot, of course you choke off the air, and the fire dies. When i got a coal stove, that didnt work any more. The stove got bright red hot, and i tried everything to cool it down, water worked temporarily. But the most effective method was smothering it with ash. It prevented air flow, and couldnt evaporate like water does. Its cheap and light, and can be recycled from one fire to the next. I still wish to pursue this some day
  2. Was this an advertisement for Solidworks or Hitech CADD Services. It seems to promote those two companies, and no others.
  3. Everything is so expensive. And too many features when all I want is the most basic programming to design simple linkages, in motion.
  4. My apologies. I understand that would be impossible.
  5. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video could be worth a thousand pictures. This should be presented in video format
  6. For army tanks that use a Caterpillar track system you have a complex engine/transmission/suspension/endless track that is 95% commonality to wheeled vehicles. Early tanks could even remove the tracks and drive on their wheels. I have been dreaming of a system of actuators that roll a sine wave through a belt in exactly the same way a caterpillar moves. The part I cant figure out is where to attach the linkages to the frame
  7. I think it's impossible to convert constant RPM motion to constant velocity reciprocation. The only one I know that does have straight line constant velocity, a quarter of the cycle is way out of line. Chebyshev's lambda mechanism. I am confident you are not looking for that
  8. For any regular people who are not mechanical engineers, not even students, I have found an awesome free CAD program that anyone can learn to use in an hour or less, vs other programs that take dozens of hours of training just to start. https://www.rs-online.com/designspark/mechanical-software I have only made a few parts myself. But it's an amazing, powerful program for designing anything. I don't know of any faults yet. Am currently trying to import these files to Autodesk inventor to make an assembly.
  9. I have not seen anyone try to develop a cheap digging machine. I started making one myself, am halfway to trying it. But the geometry is wrong, I don't have enough leverage for the pincer movement.
  10. I need ideas for an ultra light rail system, how best to switch tracks. Existing switches are not acceptable, they require mechanical movement in the track. The switching should be done from the rail car itself.
  11. since I already made the assembly I thought I would try making an alternative to paddle wheel boats. I thought if half of the paddle were always pulling buckets of water it might be more efficient in the end. I am half way through assembling it. Need to attach a motor and cut off parts that are binding. It should be running smoothly in a week at most Doggie paddle machine concept
  12. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer. I will check it out. I am fine, because it's already been viewed thousands of times in hundreds of countries around the world. I would have progressed much further if I had collaborators, investors, or any help with resources. But there is no guarantee of success, commercial viability, or even the machine working as well as my dreams have it
  13. I need free or cheap software that can do this. Autodesk is to complex, algodoo doesn't do parametric.
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