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  1. For any regular people who are not mechanical engineers, not even students, I have found an awesome free CAD program that anyone can learn to use in an hour or less, vs other programs that take dozens of hours of training just to start. https://www.rs-online.com/designspark/mechanical-software I have only made a few parts myself. But it's an amazing, powerful program for designing anything. I don't know of any faults yet. Am currently trying to import these files to Autodesk inventor to make an assembly.
  2. I have not seen anyone try to develop a cheap digging machine. I started making one myself, am halfway to trying it. But the geometry is wrong, I don't have enough leverage for the pincer movement.
  3. I need ideas for an ultra light rail system, how best to switch tracks. Existing switches are not acceptable, they require mechanical movement in the track. The switching should be done from the rail car itself.
  4. since I already made the assembly I thought I would try making an alternative to paddle wheel boats. I thought if half of the paddle were always pulling buckets of water it might be more efficient in the end. I am half way through assembling it. Need to attach a motor and cut off parts that are binding. It should be running smoothly in a week at most Doggie paddle machine concept
  5. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer. I will check it out. I am fine, because it's already been viewed thousands of times in hundreds of countries around the world. I would have progressed much further if I had collaborators, investors, or any help with resources. But there is no guarantee of success, commercial viability, or even the machine working as well as my dreams have it
  6. I need free or cheap software that can do this. Autodesk is to complex, algodoo doesn't do parametric.
  7. !!!!@$/ Still cannot figure out how to flip the arc on one side to match the other, but have two point equidistant. I really thought I had it this time. Chimecycle 2.E
  8. Can you design a machine to pick fruits and/or vegetables, to compensate for the loss of migrant farm workers in the USA? Even the smallest improvement to automate the task would be helpful
  9. Thanks. We are still at the stage where we are testing ideas. Then comes the development and refining. Creation, and building are the easy part. Funding is hard. Raising money is impossible
  10. I think a magnetic field would be the best. But I remember reading the ice ( frozen watee ), had superior lubrication properties. Steel on ice is very slippery, and can be self-regenerating
  11. I am interested too. I have not heard of EBC. But I was a truck driver for 23 years, all heavy trucks have some kind of engine braking. I wonder if there are any similarities?
  12. Dear Dr D, Thank you for the constructive advice. I agree with you. What I had in mind was waiting till days after the initial fires, when the ashes had cooled, and dried. Then vacuums would collect them and store them in sheds at strategic points. When forest fires erupted at later dates, special tanker trucks would be sent to the scene. Spray the materials at the base, and the area around, the smother the embers. I am pretty sure that lawn clippings and leaves that presently go to landfills now, can be burned to heat water, and rather than disposing of those ashes, we stockpile them.
  13. Free cad website It is actually free to download. But I found it on ebay, and paid the money for a physical CD. After I installed it, I learned that it is open sourced, and totally free to all. www.freecadweb.org
  14. Thanks to the advice from DrD, I finally found a program called FreeCAD. it cost $10, but it awesome, it has everything I want, everything I need, and more. The bad part is the heavy learning curve. I am not an engineer, haven't attended a class since 1987. I am following the tutorials now. Thanks for your help
  15. I don't understand why we fight forest fires mostly with water. The biggest advantages are that it is easy to pump, and store. It cools cools the fire, and is very easy to spray. But water is very heavy, often far from the fire, and evaporates quickly in heat. I am suggesting that we develop an ash collection system, similar to large leaf vacuums. Ash is light, and smothers fires, if you mix it with water at the nozzle, you get the best of both. At the scene of a forest fire, ashes are abundant. No need to transport anything miles away, or worry about freezing. I have used a coal stove, that has run away and overheated. There is nothing that can stop it. Water just turns to steam, and the effects are temporary. Ashes smother most fires
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