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  1. In above picture the type of cylinder is double acting cylinder or single acting cylinder ?
  2. Hi please can help me which type of compressor used here ? which type of cylinder used here ? and What are the parts in the picture ? http://www4.0zz0.com/2014/06/19/23/923554381.jpg
  3. Hi all we have a simple car which carry around 5 person .. for that car we want use battery or electricity connected to motor to drive the car Can please tell me which motor I can use here that able to move 5 person and It should cheap If I use a golf cart motor how much will be ? and is good if I use battery of car witch is 12 V for that motor ? or if there any battery can used and able to recharge and my last questions for which device I can use for increasing the speed and slow down I mean I want device that when I push it the speed increase gradually depend one force of pushing and when increase more the pushing the speed is also increase and when I remove me foot the car will slow down so I want device which make the speed proportional to the pushing which is connected to the motor
  4. Hi all what is the section of tapr attachment of lathe machine I mean .. prt of TA Help me
  5. thanks can state the ratio in Q 1 .. and in Q2 can give me diagram
  6. Hi shaurabh sharma ... for Q 1 part 1 : by coupling part 2 : flange couping digram : Is that ok ..............? --------------------------------------------------------------- about Q 2 .... I don't understood the full article in wikpedia Because my mother language is not English can give me the way of slection of handling dev for above Q and how I justify the slection can I say we use crane and hoists and fork car .... ?
  7. Hi saurabh sharma .... For the first question .. The second part .. Possible give me an example with neat diagram and what is the advantage of it .. ? about second question waht mean by "justify your selection how is that ? " and can give me neat digram about the construction of material handling equipment with neat diadram thanks ..
  8. Hello I have an interview and examination after 3 weeks in Safeway company I want to be ready and I want your help ... this my questions and I hope I get the answer ...
  9. Hi all see the picture the part not cleat please can give me clear part
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