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  1. mechanical engineers have already become indispensable in the software industry, too. As a mechanical engineer, you do not have to worry that your job is becoming obsolete. Quite the contrary, mechanical engineers are still very much in-demand nowadays especially since the profession has already evolved, with majority of educational institutions already offering computer-aided design (CAD), design engineering, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and drafting as part of their coursework for mechanical engineering programs.
  2. There are various fields you can go into either manufacturing, or aerospace/automobile,or marine engineering. For manufacturing engineering, a masters/doctorate is preferred. If you've got a bachelors, you can still apply. I suppose a good internship in some manufacturing field would do you some good.For aerospace, although a degree in aerospace is preferred,a degree in mechanical will do fine. This field is quite lucrative since most jobs are government jobs. Some fields are: weapon design,avionics,ballistics,aeromodelling,etc.Automobile engineering is an open field,although with little scope in india. I do not think any specific skills are required. There are always openings in volvo,larsen and tourbo,etc. to consider.Marine engineering will provide you with good paying jobs just to sacrifice 6 months of your life each year. No specific skills but maybe there are physical tests to check if you can handle the physical work. Most of the work involves maintenance of motors, engines, generators or other 'above deck' tasks related to navigation,etc.
  3. Since your a mechanical student, Autocad course will help you in a better manner.AutoCad is all about generic design & documentation tool, and as such it is used across a large number of industries including, architecture, interior design, shop fit-outs, construction, engineering, landscape design, product design and manufacture, naval and aeronautical design, piping and cabling ..etc.
  4. I you like teaching field study M.Tech, otherwise study certified courses for Mechanical engineering related jobs.
  5. Free Space Optics (FSO) is an optical communication technology that uses light propagating in free space to transmit data between two points.
  6. Mechanical engineering is good only in that university.
  7. This book is not available in stock currently in the given link.
  8. You can choose CATIA or UG NX , both softwares are best only.
  9. I'm Arun I did my B.E Mechanical Engineering in Mohammed Sathak AJ College of Engineering, Chennai.
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