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  1. Hi, I am building a robot that can extinguish a fire on it's own with the help of a couple of sensors and a fire extinguisher. I want to control the lever of the extinguisher autonomously with the help of the servo motor . The robot will be equipped with a fire extinguisher. the robot is operated by 2*60 rpm (12 V) motors. so, the structure of the robot should be able to hold the weight of the extinguisher. Which type of fire extinguisher should I use? and what should be it's weight and the most imp can this servo be used to trigger the extinguisher? What will be the mechanism? I am thinking of a pulley type( please see the doc attached.) I think i am wrong so plz can any1 suggest me a solution for this THankx in advance :D Regards, Shubham [ATTACH=CONFIG]543[/ATTACH]
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