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  • Birthday 03/04/1992

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    Rajkot, Gujarat
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    Sales and Marketing
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    CADX Services
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    Product Development Engineer
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    BE Mechanical
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    BE Mechanical
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    Government Engineering College Surat

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    Design of Drain Header and Steam Piping of the Thermal Power Station and made P&ID for it.
  • Achievement /recognition/ Certifications
    Forging Die Design with NX CAD-CAM from NSIC.

    Have studied various standards like as ASME/ANSI, EN, DIN, MSS-SP, JIS, ISO etc.

    Internship in Boiler Maintenance Department at Thermal Power Station-Ukai(Gujarat).
  1. The commission has declared the results of preliminary exam of Deputy Executive Engineer (Mech), Class-2 (GWSSB), Advt No.42/2020-21 and cut of is... 250 marks out of 500 marks for male candidate and 13.12 out of 500 marks for female candidate. 1418287_LECMWE-42-202021.pdf
  2. In india, there are many amusement ride e.g. ferris wheel, giant wheel, Toratora, Break Dance, freefall etc. installed in various parks and fun fairs on different festival. Now a days, amusement ride accident is one of the common fatal accident. As an Engineer we have to think on it, to study policies of different countries regarding amusement ride and also recommend a draft of various suggestions on following to the government with complete inspection procedure to prevant fatal accident of amusement ride. 1) What should be the procedure of inspection of amusement ride? 2) How to inspect the amusement ride? 3) What are the parameters to be inspected? 4) Which types of instrument (if any) to be used during inspection? I hope that all of this community members should be support and discuss on it. Thank you
  3. How can one find new customers during one's start up?
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