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  1. Torricelli's law, also known as Torricelli's theorem, is a theorem in fluid dynamics relating the speed of fluid flowing out of an orifice to the height of fluid above the opening. The law states that the speed of efflux, v, of a fluid through a sharp-edged hole at the bottom of a tank filled to a depth h is the same as the speed that a body (in this case a drop of water) would acquire in falling freely from a height h, i.e. }, where g is the acceleration due to gravity. Under the assumptions of an incompresible fluid with negligible viscosity, Bernoulli's principle states that: where v is fluid speed, g is the gravitational constant (9.81 m/s2), h is the fluid's height above a reference point, p is pressure, and ρ is density. Define the opening to be at h=0. At the top of the tank, p is equal to the atmospheric pressure. v can be considered 0 because the fluid surface drops in height extremely slowly compared to the speed at which fluid exits the tank. At the opening, h=0 and p is again atmospheric pressure. Eliminating the constant and solving gives:
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Some details on Reciprocating Compressors
  3. The reason being for same maximum pressure in deisel engine heat is being added at constant pressure where as in otto cyle heat is added at constant volume due to which during heat addition process in otto cycle there is rise in pressure where as in deisel engine there is no rise in pressure and during heat addition process pressure is same as achieved in compression ratio so the area in P-V diagram is more in deisel engine as compare to petrol engine due to which work done is more for same amount of heat addition. I mean to say that in deisel cycle to acheive same maximum pressure it is being achieved by high compression ratio where as in petrol engine to achieve that compression ratio it is by compression ratio and heat of combustion. So high compression ratios in deisel engine enable them to achieve high efficiency for same maximum pressure.
  4. In a Centrifugal compressors there are impellers which rotate with a very high velocity to provide high pressure head where as in reciprocating compressors there is a piston and a rotar to provide necessary high pressure. one of the major difference between the two are: reciprocating compressors provide high pressure head with low volumetric flow where as centrifugal compressors provide low pressure and high volumetric flow.
  5. How can a mechanical engineer get a job at Google?

    Google requires Mechanical Engineers(although very small).As a Mechanical Engineer you design and evaluate our data center systems, identifying product requirements and contributing to research and project planning. From the chip to chiller, you are responsible for designing and optimizing an architecture that will scale with Google's continued growth.

    Google is searching for mechanical/thermal/structural engineers with expertise in electronics packaging and data center design. The ideal candidate will assume responsibility for the definition, design, and analysis of multiple platforms ranging from the package level, to system level, and out into your data centers. You will satisfy all performance and reliability specifications, while optimizing for efficiency and flexibility.

    Participate in development efforts related to next generation compute, storage, networking, and data center architectures.
    Contribute to overall system architecture from “chip to chiller” with the ability to make interdisciplinary tradeoffs to optimize TCO of overall infrastructure.
    Ability to conceptualize, develop, and validate systems using thermal, structural, controls, and/or reliability expertise.
    Identify opportunities and match them to relevant technologies based on performance, cost, schedule, and risk assessment.

    Minimum Qualifications

    B.S. in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent practical experience.
    Experience with electronics packaging at any level.

    Preferred Qualifications

    M.S. or PhD in Mechanical Engineering.
    Five years experience in electronics packaging, related industry, or relevant academic experience.
    Fundamental knowledge of one or more of the following domains: heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, vibrations, acoustics, control theory, and reliability.
    Knowledge of cooling strategies used at the package, board, and system, and data center with successful application of advanced cooling technologies. (Experience with Flotherm and/or Icepak).
    Knowledge of material science and structural design. Experience in static and dynamic analysis and shock and vibe testing. (Pro/Mechanica and Ansys experience).
    Knowledge of classical feedback control theory, dynamic system identification and modeling, and sensor interfacing (Experience with MATLAB and Simulink). Knowledge of system level analysis based on reliability and availability targets. (Experience with Monte Carlo techniques and/or Reliasoft).


  6. BUT institutes like DAE promote women and top positions of DAE are mostly occupied by Mechanical Engineers!
  7. Although in mechanical engineering department there are less girls like you but after completing your graduation in mechanical engineering you are eligible for various government jobs in India which include PSU and engineering services exam. Government of India doesn't discriminate men and women in their pay. I know there would be many who would be advising you to take computer science or electronics branch but true fact is there are very few jobs in computer science and electronics in India where you may suffer discrimination in pay even in first world countries like England women get on an average 20% less pay as compare to men because women need more holidays as compare to men like maternal leave. In India Mechanical engineering is said to be evergreen branch which will never suffer from any recession.
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