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    1. Design and Fabrication of a Surface Scanner
    2. Road Accident prevention system (Incoming Vehicle Detection System [invadR])

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  1. As far as I know machines are the devices that converts all types of energy ( except heat energy) to mechanical energy . But Engine only converts heat energy to mechanical energy. Engine - Diesel engines / sterling engines etc. Machine - Lathe machines , Wind Mills etc.
  2. Please suggest some books for a better and easier understanding of the power plant technology. I mean all the cycles and other operating mechanisms etc. Please suggest a good one . Thanks in Advance .
  3. In centrifugal pump the flow rate changes with pressure head. But in positive displacement pump the flow always remains in same rate. Thanks
  4. Different diameters and thicknesses of the stainless steel is used for railing and cycle. I think they don't have the same outer dia and thickness. So you have to know the diameter and the thickness.
  5. Hello fellow engineers , I want some real easy materials for starting automobile engineering course. I didn't have automobile as my major subject. I want to learn the basics , Need some materials, It may be pdf books or downloadable slides , Please don't suggest the book Automotive Mechanics by Angline and Crouse ! Sorry to say I didn't like it ! So please give me suggestions. TIA.
  6. Merry Christmas to all . I have Passed my B.Sc. in ME this year, 2014 . Still searching for a suitable job ! So I pray that your first wish (1. Freshers get the desired job ) may come true. Thanks ! Enjoy the Christmas !
  7. Casting is a process in which the metal is melted at high temperatures and then poured into a mould to give it the desired shape. There are many casting methods: Sand Casting, DIe Casting, Lost Wax casting. In casting process the newly formed shape sometimes needs extra machining to get the desired surface finish. The cast parts can also incorporate defects because of air bubbles and internal stresses. Casting have some issues with metal selection. All the metals are not suitable for casting. It is sometimes associated with blow, scar, scab etc. errors. Forging is also very old method. Black
  8. Mechanical Engineering is the Mother of Engineering ! Why it wouldn't be good for females ! Mechanical Engineering doesn't mean to work on the fields all the time. You have the scope of doing design work, planning, estimation and managerial jobs, research and development (R&D). So why not go for it. If you really love machines and engineering no matter what you will choose Mechanical Engineering. Its tough critical and interesting. I am Proud to be a Mechanical Engineer . Thanks !
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