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  1. According to a new research of Vietnam Manpower, there are 24% of employees do not trust their boss. If you were in this situation, let try 3 following ways to change it: Even you are in a business relationship with a company or individual, the trust is a basic factor to create and develop a connection. This is not a new problem. In 2009, 2/3 employees in research said that their company had been used those policies including reduce staffs, raise load of work, not pay salary for the day-off. More than a half people were asked showing their pessimistic attitude in the next year. And it becomes worse when the enormous salary of CEOs and exclusive managers have been revealed “when the money they earn in one day equal to you make in a year, adding to you are the one who have to take pressure in economic crisis for your company, it is totally dissatisfy at all, with these low wages” – David Ballard - assistant executive director of APA. And here are 3 key problems be shared for us to know why employees are more and more lacking trust in their boss. 1. The communication between the employer and employees. Every staff has known about company’s mission and their power in responding as well as contributing their ideas. If an employee didn’t feel they are an important link in company, too much control in work, it is hard for them to attach to company. You can try to create the hint in work. For example, encouraging the group to solve problems, proposing plan to share profit, giving their own work standard value. Base on that, employees have right to know the plan, the results of recruiters in the future. 2, Recognize their achievement, The research shows that half of people feel very pleased when have been compliment by boss. It is not necessary could be express by money, instead it could be a show to honor their excellent contributions. 3. Be transparent 52% people believe their boss has been open and frankly with them, 1/3 thinks reverse Economic crisis affect to all entrepreneurs, even those big ones to give the big decisions to survive. However, the differences from not what they did but how they did. The companies who have operation methods always find the way to overcome the obstacles in as fair, transparent and healthy way as possible. So, if you want to maintain or build your staff’s faith, be careful and comply with at least 3 things above. (Source: http://vietnamrecruitment.blogspot.com/2015/03/why-dont-employees-trust-their-boss.html)
  2. Do not impose foreign boss is comfortable, easygoing otherwise you will feel so much pressure, even freak out if it’s not happen as expected. Keep calm and pay attention to these factors, you will pass this landmark excellent with Vietnam recruitment: 1. "When in the Rome, do as the Romans do" Every country has its unique culture: Do not underestimate the correctness of this statement! Different cultures include not only the festival, customs but in behavior and work culture. Specifically, the work culture of the East is high regard the diligence, experience, while Western is focus on creativity and enthusiasm for the job. So do not waste energy on “going out early and returning late” to score in Western boss’s eyes or mess up the time with the Japanese or Korean bosses. Remember to choose to you a spirit consistent with the work culture of your superior, you will find everything will become easy and convenient! 2. Language The difference in language is always one of the biggest barriers when working with foreign boss, especially if you and your boss are using an intermediate language to communicate. Because the language was greatly influenced from culture, common language that you and your boss is used also being mixed a number of features in the native language of you two, the unnecessary misunderstanding situations are often likely to occur. So, if one day your boss asks you "What do you want? Do not jump to a negative conclusion then being panic and think you have done something wrong and was severely reprimanded. Carefully consider, make sure to ask if you do not do anything wrong. Sometimes he just mean "Do you need any help?" only. 3. Always give 100% on what you do Do not engross in looking for a shortcut to please your boss but forget that your capacities are determinants of success or failure. Learn to love your job and wholeheartedly with what you do, believe in yourself. The enthusiasm and passion will be appreciated and small mistakes will be ignored if you ever accidentally make. 4. "I Am Gifted" I often see young people sitting in auditorium and working in the domestic environment 3-4 years are aware of their capacity and bravery. All of a sudden, they have been admitted to large companies and worked with foreign superiors, suddenly you become very humble "I guess they have better solution than me" or "They come from a developed country, they must have a lot of good ideas" See, you're going to the path of many people who are always thinking something abroad is better than their own, what is completely wrong. Agree that work in an international environment is something desirable, and of course the superior have more experience than you so you should listen to and absorb. However, do not forget that you are qualified. Do not hesitate to contribute your point of views and propose the opinions, these efforts are not only shows you are making progress every day, but also prove you are energetic and enthusiastic with your work. This is plus point for you, not that “humility”. (Source: vietnamrecruitment.blogspot.com)
  3. In recent years, thanks to the development of the Internet, recruitment in the businesses has become simpler than ever. However, relying too much on the Internet leads to a negative consequence is employers become "lazy". Many people think in "virtual world", just take a little time and effort to be able to find candidates they need without interested in the basic techniques for recruitment as sourcing candidates. Actually, if you want to have an effective recruitment campaign, you still need to create candidates resources, which means you not only need to know the basic principles, but also master the techniques. Here are 4 tips from Vietnam Manpower to help you create an effective candidates resource. 1. Focus on learning opportunities of candidates when describing the job. Wanting to find talent, first you must have an attractive job description. You should not use traditional described which focuses on the knowledge, skills and experience of candidates. Instead, describe the major projects that they will participate if they work for your company. Do not forget the talented only interested in a job when they realize that it can give them an opportunity to learn and develop personal competence in the future. 2. Write the creative recruitment advertising. An impressive recruitment advertisement is not 100% guarantee you will recruit talents you need, but if you use a boring job advertisement, certainly many people will not even look at it. So, trying to write the creative recruitment advertising, you should not mention the necessary skills in normal enumeration type but in relation to the specific work that the candidate will be responsible, for example: "Applying accounting knowledge in the manufacturing sector to build a new accounting system." Then, set for this job advertisement a title evoking the curiosity of the candidates. 3. Improve the efficiency of the search for candidates in Bank of Profiles Searching for the talented through a recruitment online website is a good way to source candidates but often takes quite a long time. To improve the efficiency, you should call the candidates have posted profiles within two weeks (the others probably have found a job). For the rest, you can write an e-mail with an impressive recruitment ad, send it to the potential candidates and ask them to respond. For example, you could write: "I saw your profile on the website X and very impressed with your knowledge and experience. If you are looking for job, you may be interested in career opportunities with us (insert job advertisements). Please send me your latest profile and a short paragraph describing your most notably performance in the field of marketing. " Or simply, you can use the company specializes in providing workers, they have in their hands a thousand of profiles of candidates in a short time. What happens when you have to recruit hundreds of labors within 3 weeks? Series of positions need to be filled to start up production. However, you need to choose reputable companies and consider in costs. 4. Do not forget the social relationships The social relationship is also an effective channel to source candidates. Be positive in communication with people and find out if they know who fits the job you are hiring. However, you should note that if you want to approach top passive candidates in this way, your work have to really attractive. If not, they only introduce to you a few "medium" candidates only. Combine all the most effective ways above to create a top candidate resource for your company. (Source: vietnamrecruitment.blogspot.com)
  4. Vietnam Manpower JSC is one of the leading manpower supplier in Vietnam will providing you a number of workers in construction industry, oils and gas, hospitality, agriculture, etc.who has a long experience and accepts an appropriate salary in right time. Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Vietnam Manpower. Your kind co-operation in this regard will be highly appreciated and looking forward to seeing your positive and favorable response!
  5. Changing career is no longer a strange phenomenon anymore. Many people can switch job a dozen times by many different reasons: because of a better opportunity, not match with the boss, because the salary of new company is too attractive ... This era is no longer exist people lifelong adherence to only one company, such as our grandparents or parents. However, what will the job seekers gain or lose if they change their career? Consider these advantages and disadvantages aggregated by Vietnam Recruitment Agency: Advantages: 1. Could be evaluated as an experience candidate: Candidates with work experience in a couple of places that can be considered as high experienced and able to adapt to variety of work environments. If presenting a series of work that you have charge of many different companies, you will become more "potential" than the other competitors only work for a company. Compared with them, you have a lot of knowledge and experience in different industries and training programs. 2. Gain achievements in many fields: If you know how to highlight the accomplishments you have achieved in each of the previous company, you will convince the employer that you are the right person for the position. So, let the employer know you have contributed to previous company achieved noticeable results, which enhances your value in the eyes of employers. 3. To be seen as a progressive spirit person: Many employers understand and accept the point of views that change job is the way to learn new knowledge and experience to improve rapidly on their career path. In general, the positive opinion, employers rated the alterable job people have progressive spirit because they cannot stay in a company that does not give them the opportunity to develop their career. Note: - Do not list the name of the company you worked where you do not achieve any outstanding performances. - Proof of your previous experience may be helpful for the job you're applying for. Disadvantages: Career change itself would not lead to negative consequences if you do not write in your CV that you change job 5-6 times per year. Jumping on "dizziness" pace, you will be named as: 1. "The Grass is always Greener on the other side of the fence" Many job seekers do not know the fact that the employer is "ignore" who have changed job to the 4-5 company in one year. They could be seen as an easily accepted for a job and give up for a better chance. In other words, they are disloyal and untrustworthy. 2. "There is the problem in professional or personality” Employers would put a question mark for candidates who change jobs too frequent "Would this candidate have the ability to work well? Could it because of their professional problems so previous companies did not accept them? Which characteristics could make the old company intolerant? " 3. Difficult to get along with colleagues and surrounding environment: A list of series position you have held could make employers think that you hardly get along with colleagues and the surrounding environment. Whenever does not fit Mr. A or Ms. B, you will leave the company. You should mention in the CV that you worked for a company for a long time, at least 2 to 3 years. (Source: Vietnamrecruitment blogspot)
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