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    Design and Computer Aided Design + CFD + VR,AR,MR
    Hockey Footy and Fishing
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    CAD Manager - Mechanical\Piping Designer
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    San Jose State University

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    Various Mining Projects
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    CAD and Design Certs including CMM's

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  1. Mech Eng folk Im keen to learn as musch as I can about CFD and would like to start with Flow simulation using solidworks. Does anyone know of any free resources for education on this software ebooks, tutorials books or even CFD using flow simulation. I have an existing conjugage heat transfer project and I m trying to learn how I set up the system for analysis using the software. I am just a beginner wanting to learn this field. Thx for any help.
  2. I am keen to look at this software solver....Pls send to philrevell@skymesh.com.au cheers
  3. Phil R Engineering : San Jose State Uni in California USA Location Perth Western Australia Work: MSP Engineering Personal Project: Microwave heating of water for desalination Current WK Prj: Lithium Hydroxide Processing Plant
  4. Working in Mining Industry - Plant Design for Lithium Hydroxide Processing

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