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  1. The Occupational Health & Safety of the employees can be considered while designing AI in Mechanical Engineering , many operations emitting heat and VOC which might be sensed and informed to the workers represent there. In some products, the Critical Characteristics, which shall be maintained as per customer spec can be monitored while doing the operation itself rather than doing re-work and any non-value added activities during production time can be eliminated As per the National Ambient Air Quality with respect to noise, if the noise level exceeding than the standards, the AI
  2. Perfectly described sir!! More practical oriented education would be describe an engineer the way he is going to apply after college duration which is not happening. What i learnt about welding during college days and i have only practiced it during the exam time only. Even though we had a fluid dynamics lab, the FEA and CFD 's are not being implemented as a right way i felt.... Thanks for your valuable points Madhan
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