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  1. There are many different fields in mechanical engineering. 1.Aerospace Engineering 2.Manufacturing Engineering 3.Thermal Engineering 4.Production Engineering 5.Vehicle Engineering
  2. Yes, you can choose.In the USA, the Midwest is the best place to be an automobile engineer because of the concentration of automobile manufacturing firms in the region. In Europe, Germany is the leading automobile manufacturer. There is a large demand for automobile engineers in Japan, South Korea, China and India.More specifically in India, the Maharashtra province offers the most jobs as well as the highest level of salary in this field. The city of Bangalore is also a good place to be an automobile engineer within India.
  3. Here are 3 key problems be shared for us to know why employees are more and more lacking trust in their boss. 1. The communication between the employer and employees. Every staff has known about company’s mission and their power in responding as well as contributing their ideas. If employees didn’t feel they are an important link in company, be controlled too much in work, it is hard for them to attach to this company with this kind of management way. 2.Recognize their achievement The research shows that half of people feel very pleased when have been compliment by boss. It is not necessary could be express by money, instead it could be a show to honor their excellent contributions. 3.Be transparent 52% people believe their boss has been open and frankly with them, 1/3 thinks reverse. Economic crisis affects to all entrepreneurs, even the big ones gave the big decisions to survive.
  4. The main functions of mechanical engineers nowadays: Research and assess design proposals and specifications.Develop and test design models with the use of software programs to assess feasibility.Investigate the cause of equipment and system failures, and provide feedback to drafters and design engineers.Read and interpret technical illustrations, blueprints, and computer-generated reports.Develop structural designs for products with the use of CAD and other drafting software programs.Recommend design modifications to ensure there will be no malfunctions in the system or in the machine.If you may have noticed, the scope of work of a mechanical engineer involves the use of computer aided engineering tools, especially in industrialized countries. Without such tools, it would be difficult for these professionals to create designs, perform analysis, and utilize designing interfaces.
  5. Jobs directly related to your degree include: Aerospace engineerAutomotive engineerContracting civil engineerControl and instrumentation engineerMaintenance engineerMechanical engineerJobs where your degree would be useful include: Corporate investment bankerMining engineerPatent attorneyProduction managerTechnical sales engineerWater engineerRemember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here.
  6. A sandwich course combines classroom learning and practical work placements in separate blocks.Almost all engineering streams are under sandwich. In this pattern , theoretical training is first provided and then later practical training to learn about the application of your knowledge in your subject. After learning the gaps and facing the problems in practical application you return to theory to make it right. This is the best way to learn,but sadly not many colleges offer these and even job opportunities are low.A general 4 year engineering degree takes 5 years through practicals.Exactly half the time is devoted to practicals.In Sandwich, Mechanical engineering is the best.
  7. Annealing : Its a process in which first the component is heated till austenitising temperature & then cooled by keeping furnace off so that to increase ductility. Normalising : Hardening process where the component is air cooled after heating till austenitising temperature. Tempering : After hardness, tempering is done to increase ductility. Hardening: Hardening involves heating of steel, keeping it at an appropriate temperature until all pearlite is transformed into austenite, and then quenching it rapidly in water or oil.
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