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  2. Topping-cycle systems produce electricity first, then recover the excess thermal energy for heating or cooling applications. By contrast, bottoming-cycle systems, also known as “waste heat to power,” are a process whereby waste heat from an existing process is used to produce electricity.
  3. Smart hello to every one... As off late I got busy in some personal projects, this year we are back and look forward to make the community live, quick, vibrant and responsive. I recommend few points to give it a great push... Make sure to login every day on the website mechanical-engg.com Time to showcase your skills, start your blog, give response to others, appreciate the starters. Do not put ads or promote others links, website.... we are making it a clean community..once banned you will miss the long term opportunities. Ask researchers, professors, to writ
  4. couple of points your site.. this is site of all members - this is a community... read how every one is writing here on this link When you write the answer .. you are demonstrating your knowledge...
  5. try to write answer....open your text books... study and write in your own words
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  7. Quiz author has to click button .. "Allow playing" .. this is because ..he has added 7 questions and the quiz is not ready -- may be he is adding 3 more questions... once he click on allow playing.... the quiz be open for every one .... And I can see - he has added quiz but nit added any questions......
  8. Type of chips Continuous chips Discontinuous chips Built up Chips
  9. In an automobile, the engineproduces power and this power is carry to the wheels by use of power train. The first element of this train isclutch. The main function of the clutch is to engage and disengages the engine to the wheel when the driver need or when shifting the gears. Basically clutch may be classified as follow. Types of Clutches: These may classified as follow: According to the method of transmitting torque: 1. Positive clutch (Dog clutch): In the positive clutch, grooves are cut either into the driving member or into the driven member and some extracted pa
  10. Selection of material is an important aspect for manufacturing industries . The quality of product is highly depends upon its material properties. These properties are used to distinguish materials from each other. For Example: A harder material is used to make tools.A ductile material is used to draw wires. So the knowledge of mechanical properties of material is desirable for any mechanical student or for any person belongs to mechanical industries. This post brings top 18 mechanical properties. Mechanical properties of material: There are mainly two types of materials. Firs
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  12. Extrusion is a metal forming process in which metal or work piece is forced to flow through a die to reduce its cross section or convert it into desire shape. This process is extensively used in pipes and steel rods manufacturing. The force used to extrude the work piece is compressive in nature. This process is similar to drawing process except drawing process uses tensile stress to extend the metal work piece. The compressive force allows large deformation compare to drawing in single pass. The most common material extruded are plastic and aluminum. Extrusion Process: Working Pri
  13. Types of Nozzle in IC Engine : Pintle Nozzle, Single Hole Nozzle, Multihole Nozzle, Pintaux Nozzle Nozzle is that part of an injector through which the liquid fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber. It is used in Diesel engine in which fuel is drawn separately through injector at end of compression stroke and air is drawn into cylinder in suction stroke. The nozzle used in IC engine should follow following functions. It should automizate fuel. This is a very important function since it is the first phase in obtaining proper mixing of the fuel and air in the combustion chamber.
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