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  1. Consulting Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, and International Arbitrator,
  2. GBH

    What Makes A Ship Move?

    DrD One feature of a marine engineer's training is the constant interaction between forms of energy. I came ashore to work in aircraft stability, nuclear controls, water and wastewater, then moving bridges. Much of the time I called myself a systems engineer. Then I went into dispute resolution - even more fun. I think an engineer needs a catholic mentality.
  3. GBH

    What Makes A Ship Move?

    As a one time ship's engineer, may I ask if colleagues have considered the proposition that a ship is, in effect. a pump inside-out?
  4. GBH

    What Makes A Ship Move?

    Thank you. Similar arguments apply to the case of a shaft driven by steam (or gas) turbines and a gearbox. One could argue that the vessel is driven by the reaction from the mass of water driven astern by the screw.
  5. The density of gases is insufficient for centrifugal forces to be developed at the rotational speed of a conventional pump. A bladed compressor is similar in principle to an axial pump but designed for gases,
  6. GBH

    Classifications of engine

    Modern vertical marine engines once were called "inverted". That was because screw propellers came after paddle wheels and the cylinders of paddle steamers were below the paddle shaft - or Inclined.
  7. Dear DrD, Thank you for that interesting insight, The competitive ethic of a modern lawyer is utterly opposed to a scientific attitude that makes the truth supreme. It is also contrary the John Rawls's idea of Justice as Fairness. Your account reminds me of the time I invented a mass-balanced relay to resist rotational acceleration (in a guided missile). The drawings were toleranced and I had a batch of a dozen made in the model shop, They were fine, so I had a pre-production batch made. They didn't work. I was mortified, "Back to the drawing board." In my investigation,
  8. A particular range of expert activity is that required for dealing with disputes, whether informally, as expert witness, as court expert, as an adjudicator (FIDIC) or as arbitrator. I wrote a paper about these tasks at http://geoffrey.beresfordhartwell.com/Prato.pdf some time ago. I suppose one could call it my special field of study.
  9. Name: Geoffrey M. Beresford Hartwell Engineering college: Wandsworth Technical College; South Shields Marine Technical College; Croydon College. Location: Wallington, London, United Kingdom Engineering Batch: 1952-1956 Engineering Company: BHA Cromwell House Area of Interest Consulting Engineer; Arbitrator; FIDIC Adjudicator Projects undertaken: Modernisation of TheTower Bridge; Trawsfynydd, Wylfa Head Nuclear Power Stns; Worcester Water Treatment Works Visiting Professor of Arbitration Law, University of South Wales.
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