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  1. Interesting problem to think about! Been a few years since I had to apply force and moment calcs but the key inputs are the force at the air cylinder connection and the distance to the fulcrum, and the force at the punch point with that distance from the fulcrum. You have the force required to punch the hole and can work back to the force required at the cylinder to achieve this. I would guess both added together will give you the shear force at the pivot. Working in SI units makes that calc pretty straightforward I think
  2. Manufacturing Engineer - Automated Machinery Systems - Introduce, monitor and improve all aspects of the manufacturing process
  3. Interesting subject, I am currently involved in the analysis of a complex assembly build and the most common specified fixing is a button head set screw, followed by a cap head. Obviously a button head is more user friendly due to it's lower profile but I imagine it would lack the ultimate head strength of a button head due to the reduced cross sectional area. A circular button or cap head will give a more uniform clamping force distribution, even when either a button or hex head is used with a washer. I know there is a limit to the size range offered with socket head screws so
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