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  1. no. Of cycles is related with every mechanical component. On the basis of no. Of cycles every mechanical component is designed for safe working. For more u can Google s-n curve.
  2. Few points Hemispherical ends are used to reduce the stress concentration Cylindrical shape along its lenght is used to store more amount of gas or fuel.since for the same radius cylinders have more volume than spheres. Easy to manufacture the cylindrical vessels Ease in transportation
  3. As i have previously mentioned Comparing is done on keeping other things constant for the two engines and compare for a single parameter So this question can't be answered unless or until it is not cleared that which parameter is constant for both the engines
  4. People use to compare two different power cycles. But in mechanical engineering comparing means making other things similar between gas engines and diesel engines and compare any one parameter. Mechanical efficiency, fuel efficiency or any other efficiency can't be compared between the two engines without specifying which parameter is constant for both the engines and which is to be compared.
  5. Normally spur gear are the replaced by other gears like helical, double helical gears,bevel gears etc. Spur gear is normally used in lower speed due its its ability of generating zero axial thrust. Now in order to maintain constant gear ratio or speed ratio, their centre of pitch circle must be from fixed and the pitch circle of two mating gears should meet at a point and the line of action should meet at pitctch point in order to satisfy the law of gearing.
  6. In general, pinion is used as a driving gear in a machine. They are used to transferring more torque to the gear. And we already know torque is directly proportional to power transmitted. More the torque and more power can be transmitted. Apart from cyclic loading at higher speed, the pinion also faces a large amount of shear stress since torque is directly proportional to shear stress and due to its lesser polar moment of inertia, the value of shear stress increases proportionally. Show in order to avoid it from shear failure we have to use better material. If we increase the polar moment of inertia, it means its size will be increases which is not desirable for power transmitting. So pinions are made of Superior material than gear.
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