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  1. blower is a type of fan and blower working like a centrifugal pump. blower have 1.1 to 1.2 pressure ratio on other hand fan have below to 1.1 pressure ratio blower used for high pressure air like in furnaces Fan Blower Definition A fan circulates air around an entire room, or space. A blower circulates the air only on the specific or pointed area. Pressure It is uses less pressure to produce large amounts of gas. It is uses high pressure to produce large amounts of gas. Pressure ratio The ratio of pressure is below 1.1. The ratio of pressure is from 1.1 to 1.2. Air area It provides air in the complete area. It provides air in a specific location or point. Types Axial flow fans. Centrifugal fans. Cross- flow fans. Centrifugal blowers. Positive-displacement blowers. Consists of It consists of a motor and blades, which run of electricity. It consists of a fan, outer cover, inlet, out-let.
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