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  1. Name: General Mechanical Engineering Quiz Category: Mechanical Engineering Quiz Description: General Mechanical Engineering Quiz Click here to take this quiz!
  2. Version 01


    It is a very basic book to understand basics of FEA. Author is anonymous. But the pdf is good to read and understand the basic concept.
  3. Hi I tried adding a quiz; but it given me some error!!! about no permissions; even when i was logged in.??
  4. Name: General Mechanical Engineering Quiz Category: Mechanical Engineering Quiz Description: 1. Which of the below is solid state joining process? A) gas tungsten arc welding resistance spot welding C) friction welding D) submerged arc welding 2. Which of the below motor is not used in spindle drives for CNC machines? A) induction motor dc servo motor C) stepper motor D) linear servo motor 3. Which of following methods is adopted for governing of steam turbines in a power plant? A) Hit & miss governing Throttle governing C) Blow off in boiler D) Speed control 4. An aircraft gas turbine operates on A) Brayton Cycle Sterling Cycle C) Otto Cycle D) Rankine Cycle 5. Operation to enlarge a hole is called A) Drilling Boring C) Reaming D) Counter-sinking 6. Sprue is the passing provided for A) Out flow Smooth flow C) In flow D) For ease in solidification 7. Which of the following operations cannot be performed on a lathe A) Drilling Facing C) Threading D) Slotting Click here to take this quiz!
  5. this fuel is successfully used in rockets by NASA. today in space shuttle's solid fuel is used. But its having its own disadvantages. and wax or paraffin over come most of them. so it can be easy to use in automobiles...
  6. go for the link below and will find what you want, http://mechanical-engineering.in/forum/ind...p?showtopic=553
  7. Hello PM PATEL, air dust pollution is a big problem in industries. it will be great to know if how can it be reduced or controlled. Thanks & Regards,
  8. you are doing graduation in mechanical? and you want a job!!! or you are a HSC student and you want to know good colleges!!! I am not clear with your question, what is chapters or organisation... regards
  9. PARIS: Stunned scientists have found the fossilised remains of the world's greatest snake – a record-busting serpent that was as long as a bus and snacked on crocodiles. The boa-like behemoth ruled the tropical rainforests of what is now Colombia some 60 million years ago, at a time when the world was far hotter than now, they report in the U.K. journal Nature today. 13 metres The size of the snake's vertebrae suggest the beast weighed around a tonne, and measured 13 metres from nose to tail. "Truly enormous snakes really spark people's imagination, but reality has exceeded the fantasies of Hollywood," said Jonathan Block, a vertebrate palaeontologist at the University of Florida, who co-led the work. "At its greatest width, the snake would have come up to about your hips," said David Polly, a geologist at the University of Indiana at Bloomington. The investigators found the remains of the new species at an unlikely location – at one of the world's biggest open-cast coalmines, in Cerrejon, Colombia, where giant machines had obligingly gnawed away surface layers of dirt. Working as huge coal-laden trucks thundered by, the team sifted through the earth, laying bare the remains of supersized snakes and their likely prey – extinct species of crocodiles and giant turtles – and evidence that a massive rainforest once covered the ground. Limited by temperature "The giant Colombian snake is a truly exciting discovery. For years, herpetologists have argued about just how big snakes can get, with debatable estimates of the max somewhere less than [12 metres]," said leading snake expert Harry Greene of Cornell University, New York. Titanoboa cerrejonensis – whose Latin name honours the coal mine – is not only a source of jaw-dropping wonder. It is also a useful indicator of the world's climate after the dinosaurs were wiped out some 65 million years ago, the team say. Unlike mammals, reptiles cannot regulate their own temperature. As a result, they are limited in body size by the ambient temperature of where they live. For example, reptiles today are bigger in the tropics than they are in cooler latitudes. Based on T. cerrejonensis, the scientists calculate that the mean annual temperature in equatorial South America 60 million years ago would have been 30 to 34 ºC. That makes it around 3 to 4 ºC hotter than tropical rainforests today. If so, this is a welcome piece of news about climate change. Simulations about global warming suggest that, on present trends, the world's surface temperatures could rise by between 1.8 to 4.0 ºC by 2100. If the supersnakes are a guide, tropical rainforests could still exist at such temperatures, although a fast, massive rise in warming could well be devastating to many species. The world's longest snake today is the Asian reticulated python, specimens of which can grow around 10 m, and the biggest in terms of mass is the green anaconda, with some specimens weighing 227 kg From: http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/node/2517/full
  10. Hi all When i am meshing the 3D model with SOLID 45 (Hexa hedral-8 noded) free tetra mesh, ANSYS gives the warning that tetramesh may gives the errorpronounce results. Why it is so. If i use SOLID 92 (Tetra hedral 10 noded element) instead of SOLID 45, Will it give the error pronouce results ? If not than in which application we should use SOLID 45 and SOLID 92 ? Thanks in advance Regards
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