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  1. A perfect gas is one in which molecules interaction remain negligible.and two essential conditions are: 1-pressure should be lower so gases can move independently. 2-Temperature should be high so that kinetic energy of gases can overcome the interaction among molecules.
  2. When Re is less than 2300 is laminar flow .. Greater than 4000 is turbulent. App. is mixiture of laminar amd turbulent (turbulence at the center of the i.e pipe and laminar flow near the edges)as transient state and Re is between 2300 &4000
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    Define coefficient of Drag

    Coefficient of drag: is a number without unit used to calculate the resistance of a fluid on a moved body through like resistance of water on submarine or air on a vehicle, bullet , rocket 🚀 or plane ..etc depends on the shape & the nature of the surface body material & it’s resistance friction ,density of fluid,velocity & applied area... Cd is used in the equation of drag .. low Cd mean low fluid resistance high Cd mean high fluid resistance.