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    Surfing, reading books, technical studying, communication, connecting people, gathering knowledge.
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    Hitachi Automotive Systems India pvt. ltd.
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    Junior Associate
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    Diploma in mechanical engineering
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    A. S. Poly, Pipri,Wardha

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    Developement of vapour absorption system.

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  1. Hope it will help..... UPDATED mechanical all subjects ebooks-1.pdf
  2. Ci has a good vibration absorption capability.
  3. Currently I am working at Hitachi Automotive Systems on diploma basis. But i want to go for higher education without resigning the job. For it there are 2 option 1. Part time B.E. , 2. AMIE. I am confused, please guide me for my better future.
  4. why kg is used for weight? we know the unit of weight is newton. and kg is unit of mass!
  5. why only tan is used for angular purpose?
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