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  1. Moment is used particularly for static analysis and it results in bending. Torque is used particularly for dynamic analysis and it results in rotation. I hope this would be helpful.
  2. In an open loop system input is independent of output. They are simple and fast process... In closed loop system input is dependent on output. They are complex and slow process... Closed loop system in general are provided with sensors that serve the purpose of controlling the input..
  3. Name: Danish Nisar Engineering college: Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) Location (City/ Country): Mirpur, Pakistan Engineering Batch: 2014-18 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for : Not yet Area of Interest: Designing , IC Engines, Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Statics Project undertaken: Not yet
  4. Aoa brother!! There are a lot of ways of classification of engine as mentioned above.. Here are some which i know: On the basis of combustion: 1.Internal Combustion 2.External Combustion On the basis of strokes: 1.2 stroke 2.4-stroke On the basis of fuel type: 1.Solid fuel 2.Liquid fuel... Others include on the basis of number of cylinders(single,double,multicylinders), type of cooling(air cooled,water cooled).etc
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