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  1. hi....i'm sanjeev a third year mechanical engineering student from coimbatore,tamilnadu.i'm thinkin of doing an internship in my summer holidays.the problem is no industry is allowing students for internships or projects these days.i'm ready to go anywhere in india for a period of one month.can anyone help me in finding internships?
  2. it is a known fact that when objects are heated up they expand.is it possible to restrict the expansion to a particular direction or axis?for example lets consider a cube of steel which is heated.now is it possible to increase only the length of the cube without increasing the width or depth?is this kind of expansion possible???
  3. i too am short of ideas but'll let you know when i get something useful

  4. I'm doing my bachelors in mechanical engineering n i'm in the third year.I've planned to do ms in Germany but i dunno what major to choose.I'm interested in automobile engineering but I heard that there's not much future for it.is that true??? any suggestions on other fields?
  5. it has some drawbacks also...u need to know what the customer needs exactly given the fact that you don't interact with him directly n if u get it wrong you'll be wasting your time on nothing...
  6. hello guys, i'm in the third year of mechanical engineering and i'm planning to study ms abroad.i'd like to know what are the exams that are to be taken and the minimum grades required in that.i'd also like to know how much it would cost to study abroad and whether any financial assistance can be got. my perfomance in the past two years has been below par and i've had three arrears which i've cleared i'd like to know whether this would affect my chances of studying abroad.
  7. hi rohan.... i'm sanjeev and i'm in the third year of mechanical engineering...i'm myself very confused in what to do after completing the course i'm in no mindset to study further...let's come to the point according to me search for a decent job where you can get a good exposure even the salary is low n try to update yourself with the emerging trends...design and thermal are the fields to watch.especially thermal when you look at the energy sector. so,that's what my poinion is..good luck!!! cheers!!! :rolleyes:
  8. hello... i want to know what's ansys about? how does it differ from other softwareslike pro e or mastercam? :o
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