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  1. Hi! Members, I am Rohan, and I am Mechanical Engineering graduate (B.E.MECH) and am currently jobsearching. I am keenly interested in almost all of the subsectors that are dealt with in our basic course. As our branch is so VAST and eachof the subject that we studied can be an independent field of its own, its really too very tempting to finalise ONE field to make a choice, since as an inquisitive and knowledge seeking person I find every sector equally challenging. But I know that this approach wont much work and one particular choice has to be made. Hence I request all you members already having industrial exposure or any sort of knowledge about the New Sustainable fields emerging in our branch to please guide me through this topic. I want to know about the different fields available in the Mechanical Industry as of today ie in what all sectors is our branch opening or divided into where one can put his knowledge and talent to test and which can also be in demand for the years to come. So kindly furnish any information about all the sectors in our branch, and any other source( print, internet sites,etc) which can be helpful to seek guidance from, so that making up a choice can have thee right reasearch behind it and a better choice can be made to suit my interests the best. So I request you to please take some time to reply. Any help is highly appreciated. Looking forward for your guidance. Thanks and Regards -Rohan.
  2. Hi Saurabh, Basically Diffusion Vanes in Centrifugal pumps are used to develop pressure head and reduce the velocity head of the fluid before the flow enters the Volute Casing where the actual pressure Head is principally developed by the gradual increase in the flow area. Hope you got the basic ide behind it. - ROHAN.
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