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  1. Name : ABOLORUNKE FRIDAY NIYEHMI Engineering college: UNIVERSITY OF BENIN Location (City/ Country): Benin/Nigeria Engineering Batch: 2016 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for: Siemens Area of Interest: Renewable Energy Project undertaken: Design and Fabrication of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Indirect Solar cooker Any other info you want to share: https://www.linkedin.com/in/friday-abolorunke-031a73126/
  2. As a graduate which of this area is prefareable to do my masters in vibration of mechanical systems or thermal power

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    2. Karthik Pasala

      Karthik Pasala

      That depends on your interest but if you really want to go for research and thesis you can opt thermal because there is lots of research going in there.

    3. DrD


      Karthik Pasala recommends, "you can opt thermal because there is lots of research going in there." I think this is a correct statement, but I also think that this should not be the overriding consideration.

      Hot research come and go in cycles. Today, thermal power is hot, but 10 years from now, there may be quite a bit less interest in it (or there may be more. No one knows.)

      The important thing is to determine where your own interests lie. There is no point at all to studying hard and preparing for a career in any area you really find uninteresting. That is way too much work for too little return.

      There will never come a day when thermal power is not important, but the same can be said of vibrations. The two are often linked. For example, large steam turbines used in power generation have many, many vibration problems. This is also true of couplings, generator rotors, feed water pumps, and a host of other machinery associated with thermal power production. There are, of course, countless vibration problems that have little or nothing to do with power production.



    4. Friday Niyehmi Abolorunke Christopher
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