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  1. HAZOP, which stands for hazard and operability study, is used to identify abnormalities in the working environment and pinpoint the root causes of the abnormalities. It deals with comprehensive and complex workplace operations, which, if malfunctions were to occur, could lead to significant injury or loss of life. HAZID stands for hazard identification. It is more of a general risk analysis tool designed to alert management to threats and hazards as early in the process as possible. The classification is made on the basis of probability and consequences. A HAZID study provides a qualitative analysis of a work site in order to determine its worker safety risk level. Both HAZID and HAZOP are risk analysis tools used in the workplace
  2. vibration is useful in many industrial applicable like material handing system, like screening..
  3. What is special precautions required for selecting fire rated rolling shutters? what is the basis and material used for designing fire rated rolling shutters? Up to how much time it can withstand fire without damage?
  4. Why multi stage OH1 or OH2 type pump are not used in refinery, chemical and petro-chemical, fertilizer ans Oil & Gas industries?
  5. it is force lubrication system, you may check API 614 for shaft lubrication system to study in depth..
  6. I am looking for major difference in 2nd and 3rd edition of API 675. Can any buddy help me..
  7. In centrifugal compressor if suction pressure remain constant, discharge pressure also constant, no change in physical parameter of compressor and accessories and temperature is reduced what happen to the compressor capacity. what about volume flow is it remain constant or reduced? what about mass flow is it increased or the constant?
  8. Obvious it is 4 cylinder engine as specified in question it self.. This different arrangement are for the load balance is the prime...the animation is for cranks shaft outline.. if above is not correct, can you elaborate the crank shaft design with load distribution in details?
  9. Sequence of power delivered in a multi cylinder engine called firing order. It gives balance to engine and load is uniformly distributed in crankshaft. Proper firing order minimise vibration, smooth running and gives high life to the engine. Firing order for 4 stage engine may be 1-3-4-2, 1-2-4-3, 1-3-2-4, 1-4-3-2 depending on design of crank shaft and cylinder by designer.
  10. Pre-heat is required for the following reasons: (1) It lowers the cooling rate in the weld metal and base metal, producing a more ductile metallurgical structure with greater resistant to cracking. (2) The slower cooling rate provides an opportunity for any hydrogen that may be present to diffuse out harmlessly without causing cracking. (3) It reduces the shrinkage stresses in the weld and adjacent base metal, which is especially important in highly restrained joints. (4) It raises some steels above the temperature at which brittle fracture would occur in fabrication. Post heating is required to remove further residual stresses present in the weld pool after heat treatment process also. If post heating is not done, then residual stresses develops as cracks and propagates throughout, resulting in the failure of the material. Also Preheat/Post weld heat treatment can be used to help ensure specific mechanical properties, such as notch and toughness.
  11. In many over head crane with manual operation, chain drive is provided. In that one wheel is provided with chain and with help of chain one can rotate that wheel to move the crane accordingly... One more example, manual operated shutter of warehouse, where chain is provided to open and close the door as required. Sizing and selection of that chain, and chain wheel is based on applicable load.
  12. In case of coal based power plant, material handling system (supply of coal to boiler and waster management) is most common problem. Maintaining quality of water , Other routine problems like stream trap failure, operation of High pressure pump, maintaining the quality of fuel to maintain pressure and temperature in boiler etc..in case of steam turbine leakage of coil /tube bundle of heat exchanger , etc. There are many other problems which can be eliminated by preventive maintenance.
  13. You need to provide complete details of your problem, so one can help you to get solution, with half details situation may be worse then present.
  14. further to the above reply from Mr. D, for wheel, it is required higher energy required to rotate square or rectangle wheel than circular wheel.
  15. Sub zero temperature is temperature below zero degree Fahrenheit temperature. Critical temperature is the temperature of specified gas, there is no phase change even though increase in pressure of gas.
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