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    parsottam reacted to Hetal Patel in Why can't we shift the exhaust systems from right to left ?   
    1. The exhaust fumes would be a little farther from the pedestrain sidewalks on the left.

    2. Lot of Indian women and old people sit sideways and it is much more safer to disembark them to the left. Silencer to the right helps with that.

    3. Usually, there's a chain sprocket on the left side and having the silencer on the right balances the mass to some extent.

    4. The way we learn to ride a bike, usually the left foot comes off the foot rest first when we are braking to a stop. Having the silencer to the right minimizes the risk of the foot coming in the proximity to the hot exhaust pipes.

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    parsottam got a reaction from Ch Awais Akbar in can pump run with AIR/Gas   
    We all knows pump is operating with  liquid, and air comes it will be cavitate.
    now why centrifugal pump can not be used to handle air along like centrifugal compressor/centrifugal blower? what are the cause/reason behind this?
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    parsottam reacted to Henry Kurniadi in Designing of Mechanical components   
    Any machine elements design books: i.e. Shigley, Juvinall, Khurmi, Mott, Childs, etc would be a good start.
    Try to understand how to design the basic machine components such as shaft, gear, pulley, bearing, bolts, brake, etc.
    In most cases, these books are good enough for your guide.
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