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  1. Dhrumil

    Six stroke engine

    Really? I think that we cannot direct compare all these cycle as their applications are kinda different. For sure, if we are comparing all these cycle with same condition, for example same engine construction(bore-stroke ratio, total displacement, etc.) Then, yes, a 4 stroke cycle will be more efficient than 2 stroke. But in reality, the most efficient yet powerful engines are running in 2 stroke, particular in marine application. Thus, maybe the fact that the 6 stroke is more efficient, but how do we put it into practice. Before that, saying that 6 stroke is efficient then 4 stroke or comparing 4 stroke with 2 stroke maybe a little unfair Dear Edward, Let me clear first that whenever we talk about a comparison we have to keep in mind that the surrounding conditions must be equal. I compared 2,4 and 6 stroke engines irrespective to the same condition. Second thing in your post you mentioned about "most efficient yet powerful 2 Stroke engine" That's not a deal... Ya you can say that 2 stroke engines are more power generative but not most efficient. In a marine they require high power to rotate the blades against high liquid pressure on blade surface and that is why they uses 2 stroke engines. About putting 6 stroke in practice... "Every product design statrs with it's demand". So whom ever has designed this have an idea about how to use it... Again in last it's totally FAIR to compare 2,4 & 6 stroke engines in a way of fuel consumption in a SAME CONDITIONS. Thanks, Dhrumil
  2. Hi Rita, It's a pleasure as you are a student of naval Engineering (I also wanna to do the same but can't done) Angular velocity = 2 (pai) frequency = 2 (3.141) ( RPM/60) If RPM is 5000 then... Angular velocity = 2 (3.141) (5000/60) = 2 (3.141) (83.33) = 523. Radian / sec. Also attaching a link which may help you. http://googleweblight.com/?lite_url=http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/rotq.html&ei=Qx_EgRhG&lc=en-IN&s=1&m=179&ts=1451320999&sig=ALL1Aj5dsMhfSUT413sY60DILqpwnG-lNA#a-avel Thanks, Dhrumil
  3. It's feeler gauge or thickness gauge either used to measure clearance between two parallel surfaces Or used to measure the thickness of cracks Thanks.
  4. Sir, Can you more elaborate in this with a diagram. Consider that thing that exhaust gases contains micro ash particles. So chances of reuse of water reduces but if some different thing is in your mind then wanna to know the same. Thanks.
  5. Which kind of questions & answers you wants brother?? Let first you ask any question you will definitely get a reply.
  6. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam... The missile Man The source of Inspiration The writer The Poet The Optimist The Youth Icon The man with lots of vision for India The revolutionist The King of Space technology of India The science lover The researcher The man with great humanity The man from street of Rameshwaram to the President of India & All time learner. Bow to him with a great respect from the bottom of my heart... DrD Sir you should read his books, everyone should read him at least once. Nice blog. Thanks, Dhrumil
  7. Hi Roger Baily, I got your point & I also know that the Fillet radius is much more important with consideration of Maximum load transmission capacity. I didn't mentioned this as proper alignment will increase load carrying capacity of Gear instead of misaligned gear arrangements. And that's why I only mentioned about alignment. Thanks for clarifying the same more clearly. About not availability of any formula... I checked for formula to find fillet radius in handbook of Gear Design by GITIN M MAITRA but I didn't find any formula and after studying few problems I conclude (only a calculative assumption) my above comment. And if anyone find any formula to find fillet radius then share it... Thanks, Dhrumil
  8. Dhrumil

    An Integrity Problem

    No words for this....
  9. Hi Roger Baily, I do some work on this. And conclude one thing that you can't find fillet radius with the help of any formula because other formulas available for designing the Gear are very basic and general formulas. And by this we find different dimensions of Gear to avoid failure of Gear tooth and Gear. But fillet radius provided to Gear tooth is basically to avoid meshing of Gear tooth. And for this Gear tooth profile of both meshing Gear is a KEY FECTOR. And we can't find this by any formula as it depends on that things that profile is either Involute or Cyclodial. And PREFERABLE fillet radius for meshing gears is selected on some below basis... Accuracy in alignment, Maximum load applied on Gear and many more.. Thanks, Dhrumil
  10. Dear Mehul, For Making a good Base - Focus on core subjects like Thermodinamics, Fluid, Maths, Theory of Machines, Machine Design etc... But this is future task as many subjects are still to come. But till that make your physics more solid BY AN OVERVIEW very detailed study is not required as you already studied it. And to be creative - There's no perfect way but this may helps you... Think differently and question everything. WHY THIS, HOW THIS etc. Read magazines like Safari. Best of luck for your study. Thanks, Dhrumil
  11. Dear friend, Your concept is good but drone cameras are already available. If you are making for special purpose then can you please elaborate that... Thanks, Dhrumil
  12. Dear Arif, Best of luck for your experiment.And Mechanical Engineering Forum is open to ask questions. You can ask any mechanical related questions. Thanks, Dhrumil
  13. It's always great to read this kind of discussion. Because there's something which you can learn. And learning is the biggest Earning. Saying this for special reason because total number of members are crossed 80k and continue... But not much qualitative discussion. Thanks for you contribution Respected DrD and Dear Muhammad.
  14. Dear Ender, I tried to find what you wants but I can't found the answer clearly. But from observing different books of Gear designing I conclude this.... Try to check your design by keeping value of root fillet in range of 0.20 to 0.25 module. This may help you. Thanks, Dhrumil
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