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  1. Thank you, I agree, definitely need a big trunk, about 5 bodies worth, a custom order of tungsten will be an ordeal. Diesel engines are made stronger. Thanks though I have my mind on an 80s American car or and old Japan hatchback. Tungsten may melt high but I don't think it's stronger than titanium which isn't extremely expensive. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm in the market for the right beater. I suppose I will need to have machined a new block, valve stems and intake manifold. I will keep you posted, I know you understand the intrincities of this idea. Many facets I know exist but I don't know how to implement but in God's time and some assistance I will reinvent the car. Please don't steal my idea, instead partner up if you wish,Peace
  2. I am impressed by your auto mechanical designing. I'm an inventive auto designer. I have an idea for a hydrogen engine that's fuel comes out out of a water reservoir , poured manually and dehumidified using electrolysis. with a cryogenic liquid hydrogen fuel cell released in small doses into the twin gasious fuel cell without a heat element. Hydro engines only run on gas and the engine needs to be strong since the internal explosion is greater than gasoline. I need help picking the right car. What do you think of a modified diesel engine since their made strong.? I'm looking for partners who have some experience with systems mentioned. I need some specific aid on a few systems and parts. Since I only designed I need help making it from a beat up car to prove to America it can be done. I already know there's fuel in water and I aim to amaze.
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