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  1. About me: I'm perusing a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and currently seeking employment. Also, I paid a resume professional to do my resume (which I mention below). Question: Should I record my GPA on my resume? My current standing is a 3.31(GPA). The two insights I was given are: 1. The career advisor at my school told me to include my GPA for the following reasons: a. Most employers require at least 3.0 GPA b. By not providing my GPA employers might assume my GPA is below the 3.0 threshold. 2. A resume professional (who guarantee's a call back within a month) informed me not to include my GPA because: a. Chances of receiving call back are diminished for GPA lower than 3.7 I'd like to hear others advice on the matter before making a decision because both parties provide legitimate reasons. Thank you
  2. mbuller

    Reading material (design)

    I'm currently a mechanical engineering student and I'm interested in developing my design/analysis abilities. I've noticed that when I approach a design problem I tend to over complicate the situation or it takes me awhile to develop a working model of the design to analyze..My goal is to strengthen my problem solving skills in the area of design/analyzing, learn how to simplify my design model, and develop a strategy on how to approach the problem. If anyone could recommend an introductory book with design problems I would appreciate it.