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    Lagos, Nigeria
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    Energy, Oil & Gas
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    Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited
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    Field Service Engineer
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    Higher National Diploma (HND)
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    Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing Option)
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    Auchi Polytechnic Auchi

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    First Line and Second Line Wellhead Maintenance
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    IWCF International Well Control Forum
    Well Intervention Pressure Control Level 4

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  1. I'm now IWCF (International Well Control Forum) Well Intervention Pressure Control Level 4 (The Supervisor Level) Certified. 

    I give thanks to God Almighty

  2. 1. In a steam turbine, the ............ is allowed to rotate? 2. Which valve controls the flow of steam into the turbine? 3. The blades in a ............... turbine are designed so that the pressure below the blade is always higher than the pressure above which causes them to move (or spin) as high velocity fluid flows through them. 4. Where in the steam path is the energy transferred from the steam to the turbine? 5. There is excessive corrosion on the turbine/driven unit train. The carbon rings have been inspected and are clean, and do not need replacing. What is the most probable cause of the corrosion?
  3. The start of any Bow Tie is a Hazard.

    Good morning from Lagos, Nigeria

  4. Explain what is meant by the term(s); 1. Tension in the tight side of the belt T1? 2. Tension in the slack side of the belt T2? 3. Torque acting on the shaft?
  5. What is the difference between a hydrant and a fire extinguisher?
  6. A high latent heat of vaporization is desirable in refrigerant, because it results in high refrigerating effect per unit weight of the refrigerant and low rate of circulation of the refrigerant.
  7. Hydraulic Horsepower = GPM x PSI x . 000583 True or False?
  8. What is a Hazard? A Hazard is a situation that could result to an accident if an undue care is not exercised.
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