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    Lagos, Nigeria
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    Biomedical and Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Machine, Combustion and the Environment, Ground Vehicle Systems, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, and Energy Systems, Manufacturing, Mechanical Design, System Dynamics and Control, Transportation Systems.
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    Mechanical Engineer/Technician
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    Higher National Diploma (HND)
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    Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing Option)
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    Auchi Polytechnic Auchi

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    Design of Cashewnut Roasting & Carcking Machine.
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    Occupational Safety & Health Management [Process Safety Management],
    MS Office & Basic Computer Courses [Hardware, Tivoli, Web sphere, ICS and Information Management], AutoCAD

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  1. The start of any Bow Tie is a Hazard.

    Good morning from Lagos, Nigeria