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  1. How to put up befitting technical report for society of engineer's certification(Nigeria)
  2. Thnks, I actually need a pictorial drawing showing the placement of the primary impeller bcos the person who dismantled the removed pump is not available nd we need to re-assemble the pump for operation.
  3. Pls, I am looking for an assembly drawing of a centrifugal pump involving main impeller(closed or open) and a primary impeller in a single assembly unit
  4. Types, classification and applications of pipe gauges
  5. I need a good format to serve as guide in writing my technical report as a preventive engineer in maintenance of paper processing plant for certification into engineering society
  6. It is the drawing that show each component of a particular unit/system in its location.
  7. 1.How can we determine the life span of a bearing. 2.What are the procedure for using dia indicator for alignment
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