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Found 1 result

  1. Master Diploma in Automotive engineering Course Objective: The Master Diploma course in Automotive Design imparts technical skills to automotive engineers and other automotive professionals engaged in developing, manufacturing and testing vehicles and their systems. The participant is provided with an exclusive practice workbook which contains an overview and exercises of various components specific to automotive domain to strengthen the understanding of students on the fundamental aspects on automotive engineering. Who should attend: This course is ideal for Engineers, Diploma Engineers, and students who are pursuing bachelor's degree in mechanical/automotive stream. Upon completion of the course, students can become design or analysis engineers in the automotive industry. Master Diploma in Aerospace engineering Course Objective: This specialized Master Diploma course consists of design and analysis skills that go into the making of airplanes, aircraft and spacecrafts. The comprehensiveness of the course can be gauged from the inclusion of an exclusive workbook for aerospace design which encourages the students to practice what they learned. The course also provides an overview of various components specific to aerospace domain. Who should attend: This course is ideal for Engineers, Diploma Engineers, and students who are pursuing bachelor's degree in mechanical/aerospace stream. Upon completion of the course, the students can become design engineers or analysis engineers in the aerospace domain. There are greater job opportunities for aerospace engineers, with many private companies entering the field of aircrafts and defence vehicles manufacturing. Visit you can more information Click here Automotive & Aerospace engineering
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