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  1. For the mechanically minded, there’s nothing more exciting than watching ideas be transformed from initial thoughts and sketches into 3D models and working prototypes. Autodesk’s mechanical design products, such as Autodesk® Inventor® make this process more accessible. Mechanical engineers design a broad spectrum of parts, tools, assemblies, and machines. They typically focus on power-producing machines (such as motors, turbines, and engines) and power-using machines (such as refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, robots, and machine tools). A degree in mechanical engineering can also open doors to other careers. Many engineering graduates move into professions such as medicine, law, and business where their engineering background is a valuable asset. Aerospace Engineers: Reach for the stars as you create tomorrow's flying machines—from passenger airplanes to orbiting spacecraft. Aerospace engineers design, develop, and test aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles, and they supervise manufacturing these products. Aeronautical engineers work with aircraft. Astronautical engineers work specifically with spacecraft. Aerospace engineers develop new technologies for use in aviation, defense systems, and space exploration, often specializing in areas such as structural design, guidance, and navigation and control. They may also specialize in a particular type of aerospace product, such as commercial transports, helicopters, or military aircraft and satellites. Visit http://www.caddcentre.ws/mechanicalCadd.php our core strength is our comprehensive course-ware. CADD Centre runs over 100 basic to advanced levels of courses in over 25 leading CAD, CAE, CAM and PPM products in about 25 countries.
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