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Daniel Claudiu Maftei

Power station activate by waves energy, tidal currents and wind, together. Instant hibrid mechanical conversion into electricity

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Hello everybody :)

Renewable energy - Power station with ultimate edition mechanic system conversion.

High/low density kinetic energy convert and mixed toghether.

Patent regard of power station activate by waves, tidal curents and wind, toghether and instantly convert. Non-stop operate. Power plant producing electricity works in the capture area where is located, with wave energy, with tidal energy, and wind energy, all, together, or separate (singular) randomly, mixed and / or combined, in relation to weather conditions at a time, providing unique rotating generator shaft continuously, ensuring in this way non-stop operation for the power plant.

Considering an abstract comparison in strict terms of power plant operating system build by me, you can be compared subjectively with a tandem bicycle type with particularity pedaling as one, two, three or more persons to ensure movement.

And to keep the presentation in the abstract mod, "people" "pedaling" in my power supply are replaced by wave energy, together with tidal and wind energy, randomly mixed or combined, in relation to weather conditions at some point in the location the site.

As shown in the picture below, the upper power plant consists of a module responsible for conversion of wind turbine with a vertical axis (three blades), in the central part is the module that converts wave with arms floats that are suspended and strictly execute a move vertically in relation to level differences created by the waves, a move that is converted into unique rotating shaft motor, and at the bottom there is the module that converts hydraulic energy of tides, with submerged vertical turbine (three blades).

These three storey conversion modules that make marine power plant are interconnected with the unique shaft(axle) of the electric generator.

So as you can see, my system is not focused to convert just one kinetic mechanical origin , but together with other input sizes that can be captured in the catchment area, so increasing the installed power, and time in non-stop operation.

Power plant may be suspended on pillars, or floating (platform) and anchored to the seabed. Most important idea of this patent, which is found in all modules conversion of power plant components, was tested initially at the small prototype.

As a last feature has patent coverage to block (module) the conversion of wave energy can be adjusted by making a much smaller scale, and by the addition of a small mechanical extensions can be used in automotive industry (classic car, hybrid, electric), (and industry rail) in the sense of converted the vertical movements of the wheel (spindle) into rotational mechanical motion for generator, due to imperfection runway, thus abandoning the classic car generator that in classical systems present today "burn" actually fuel to produce electricity, for economy fuel (energy) consum in 8%-22%, depend of electric power consum of the board,....and boats aplications, and more field utility.

Advantages and conclusions :

It has high torque and direct drive type generator and no need for boot device (start), because the central collect (capture) of kinetic energy in the situation that has lower value, in case the weather is calm, the devices can together capture more inputs to ensure a minimum installed electric power, but low energy that can not be captured individually as do traditional systems based only one form of renewable energy, I repeat and emphasize, in case of the weather is calm.

Responsible block for converting wind operates at low/high speed wind. Responsible block for converting waves sea function by any types of the waves, resonating with any of their height and frequency, and no matter which direction the device reach, because floats that move vertically due to attune yourself instantly Archimede's principle, and adapts and works as the height of water surface to ebb and flow sea.

Regarding the conversion of tidal currents due to operating system of the device in tandem, power station remove the idle times when the tidal current reverses the motion.

Long service due to low peripheral speeds, and because the sensitive mechanical parts of the translation and conversion functions above sea level.

Without gear, without speed multiplier, without major problems.

No (abstract) free energy, no perpetuum mobile, no lineaar generator, no piezoelectric generator, no system by air compresed.

Is a new mecanical principle for concentrated and focused kinetic energy mixed sources for turn the unique generator axle (direct drive) for capture and convert directly in electricity.

Most energy captured in fact he has no doubt originated in the solar energy that the irradiation of large areas of irregular, cause the wind to blow, and so they is generated to 80% of the types of waves exist, which causes a high energy density, therefore the most convenient hydraulic energy to be converted into electricity.


The system can not stop working (as a joke and now its ending), only to order for maintenance.

http://www.osim.ro/publicatii/brevete/bopi_2008/bopi1108.pdf page 30.

Link with notable achievements in the field worldwide:http://www.emec.org.uk/wave_energy_developers.asphttp://www.oceanpowermagazine.net/

Looking manufacturing partner, joint, association / barter / sell license non-exclusive, exclusive.

Daniel Claudiu Maftei,

Email 1 : danielclaudiumaftei@yahoo.com

Email 2 : sweet_connection_explorer@yahoo.com

Cell : 0040749258514


Regard of A/00249 of 10.04.2007,mandate/ authorise SC FANTANA RAUL SORIN &ASOCIATII SRL, residing in Braşov, Str.9 Mai nr.4, bloc 4, sc. D, apt.3, Loc. Brasov, Jud. Brasov, code 500209, dept. of Braşov, Romania, represented by Dr.Raul Sorin Fântână, dipl. eng., expert, Intellectual -Industrial Property Counsellor, registered in The Romanian Industrial Property Register under no.9423,enlisted on the evidence of The Central Bureau for Judicial Technical Expertise, under no. 01,02,03/15/26.10.2010, serial 47/47/52/27092010, to represent us, and to protect our interests before any Romanian institution, organisation or economic agent,of any rank and at any level, regarding any subject connected to our products import, export or trade in/from Romania, and to settle the possible problems arising or deriving from our intellectual property rights,industrial property rights included.

Email : raul_fantana@yahoo.com

Cell : 0040745361270



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Hello Daniel,

I can see a lot of effort has gone into your work. However for showcasing purposes, its best that the current rotation and wind rotation are in the same direction and not opposing each other.


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