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Mechanical Engineering
Aravind Pt

What after M.E Engineering Design?

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The present scenario for freshers mechanical engineers in INDIA is very poor.The  big core companies like TATA, JINDAL are trying to recruit the experience candidates.They have no time for freshers unless if you are a NIT or IIT graduates.

If You are a fresher mechanical engineer & didn't get a placement form your college you do not need to panic. Because how can they placed students in core sectors if the core sectors are not taking freshers..

So that is not the end of the story from that moment your life begins...

In this situation i will tell you some path where you may find your solution.Again i am saying "YOU MAY FIND"(as it fully depends on your mentality)

1.If you are form pune or gurgaon u may find some medium or small industries but at first your salary will be very less compared to a IT freshers.But u have to find right connection to reach to company because in this areas many job consultants are demanding money & lead you Fake JOBS....So be careful about this. You have to adjust in less salary & after years of experience you will get more

2.     Try for Cocubes & Elitmus exam..if you score in these exams you will get interview calls from core companies. But AMCAT is not for core sector.

3. In this situation frustrations may come to your life as you are paid very less than your friend who has joined IT companies..If you have no money matters if you really love Mechanical engineering then it will be no problem for you. 

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MNCs, design firms, consultancies who work in product development employ the chunk of design engineers .

You may enter into a niche like automobile but the core product development and engineering basics remain the same . You can use your skills to cross deploy in other fields .

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