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Mechanical Engineering
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Mohamed Abdelftah

strain gauges

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Aluminum hollow cylinder of 05mm outside diameter and 20 mm inside diameter with a
total length of 055 mm used to design the following transducers,
1) Force transducer (cantilever type).
2) Torque transducer.
The aluminum working normal and shear stress is 120MPa and 60 MPa respectively,
Poisson's ratio 0.29 and 70 GPa elastic modulus. Four strain gauges of 120 resistances,
gauge factor of 2 and 10mm x 5mm dimensions are available.
a) Find the capacity for each transducer.
B) Calculate the output volt when loaded with full capacity, if 10-volt battery is used
for each transducer.
c) If the torque transducers used to measure axial load with three additional electrical
resistances of 120 , show the wiring diagram and calculate the output volt for 1.5
kN load.

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