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How to get the optimum SCP and COP for silica gel adsorption chiller?

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Dear all,

I would to like to ask do anyone have any idea on how to increase the COP and SCP(Specific Cooling Power) of a silica gel adsorption chiller?
COP= Heat removed by evaporator/ Heat supplied to system( normally is the hot water supplied to the adsorption bed)

SCP= heat removed at evaporator/ mass of silica gel( 1 kg silica gel is being used in the experiment)*cycle time

Currently we have two bed of silica gel adsorption bed, neither the faculty is willing to purchase extra adsorption bed( which able to reduce the cycle time) nor change a bigger size of adsorption bed ( which able to increase the mass of the silica gel to be put inside ).

I am wondering what can i do else to improved the efficiency, perhaps to change the better heat exchanger or anything else? @.@

Thank you everyone

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