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Why can't we shift the exhaust systems from right to left ?

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Have noticed in many automobiles, the exhaust systems (silencer) is let out only on the right sides either in front or rear right. This some times creates nuisance, even i have faced this problem. especially while overtaking heavy vehicles. when these vehicles close their gas pedal all of a sudden it flushes out a huge black smoke which will hurt the drivers especially two wheel drivers who overtake. So why cant we have a change in this, cant we shift it to left ?

Heard even there are some norms that we should let it out only in right side either front or rear. Why should it be so ?

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Good question...btw

This is what I think....I might be wrong....might be right....

Before reading this u must know the fact that almost all developed countries (Especially US, Germany, Italy, Japan - The earliest manufacturers of automobile) have traffic rules opposite from that of India. Opposite in the sense that they have left sided steering and we have right sided steering in vehicles. So, their rules changed respectively. Like, in India, we are told to always overtake a vehicle from right but in other countries, its left.

So, ergonomically, they placed the silencer in right side. Such that, the exhaust from silencer don't disturb the vehicles coming from behind (especially 2-wheelers) to overtake it. And they make it compulsory for all vehicles (the norms thing).

And, Indians tried to do something different. They shifted steering from left to right. But, didn't thought about silencer.

So, now, we have right sided steering with right sided silencers. And we copied their norms too.

I think that must be the reason.....do share ur views....

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The only reason for the exhaust to come out one side or the other is the orientation of the engine and where the exhaust ports are then located.  You want to make the exhaust piping with as little resistance to exhaust flow as possible.  If you wanted to move the exhaust to a different side it will take more bends and pipe all of which imped flow.

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1. The exhaust fumes would be a little farther from the pedestrain sidewalks on the left.

2. Lot of Indian women and old people sit sideways and it is much more safer to disembark them to the left. Silencer to the right helps with that.

3. Usually, there's a chain sprocket on the left side and having the silencer on the right balances the mass to some extent.

4. The way we learn to ride a bike, usually the left foot comes off the foot rest first when we are braking to a stop. Having the silencer to the right minimizes the risk of the foot coming in the proximity to the hot exhaust pipes.


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