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Testing Latex bbc code

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This is a good step forward. It will encourage more technical comment on the Forum.

LaTeX is relatively complicated, and in order to get folks to use it, it will be necessary to post a "How to do it" resource that will be permanently available to users. I'm thinking of a place to click to get a quick answer to "How do I get an integral sign?", "How do I write a derivative in Leibnitz' notation?", or things as simple as "How do I form a division bar to write one expression over another expression?"

I would encourage anyone who is interested in using LaTeX in their own work to visit www.mackichan.com for information on Scientific Notebook, Scientific Word, and Scientific WorkPlace. The first and last of these include computational capability within the word processor which is really very useful. I have done many engineering calculations in SWP, and the result is a highly readable, easily followed engineering worksheet. I recommend this to any who are interested.

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