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Tips in working for foreign workers

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Do not impose foreign boss is comfortable, easygoing otherwise you will feel so much pressure, even freak out if it’s not happen as expected. Keep calm and pay attention to these factors, you will pass this landmark excellent with Vietnam recruitment:

1. "When in the Rome, do as the Romans do"

Every country has its unique culture: Do not underestimate the correctness of this statement! Different cultures include not only the festival, customs but in behavior and work culture. Specifically, the work culture of the East is high regard the diligence, experience, while Western is focus on creativity and enthusiasm for the job. So do not waste energy on “going out early and returning late” to score in Western boss’s eyes or mess up the time with the Japanese or Korean bosses. Remember to choose to you a spirit consistent with the work culture of your superior, you will find everything will become easy and convenient!

2. Language

The difference in language is always one of the biggest barriers when working with foreign boss, especially if you and your boss are using an intermediate language to communicate. Because the language was greatly influenced from culture, common language that you and your boss is used also being mixed a number of features in the native language of you two, the unnecessary misunderstanding situations are often likely to occur. So, if one day your boss asks you "What do you want? Do not jump to a negative conclusion then being panic and think you have done something wrong and was severely reprimanded. Carefully consider, make sure to ask if you do not do anything wrong. Sometimes he just mean "Do you need any help?" only.

3. Always give 100% on what you do

Do not engross in looking for a shortcut to please your boss but forget that your capacities are determinants of success or failure. Learn to love your job and wholeheartedly with what you do, believe in yourself. The enthusiasm and passion will be appreciated and small mistakes will be ignored if you ever accidentally make.

4. "I Am Gifted"

I often see young people sitting in auditorium and working in the domestic environment 3-4 years are aware of their capacity and bravery. All of a sudden, they have been admitted to large companies and worked with foreign superiors, suddenly you become very humble "I guess they have better solution than me" or "They come from a developed country, they must have a lot of good ideas"

See, you're going to the path of many people who are always thinking something abroad is better than their own, what is completely wrong.

Agree that work in an international environment is something desirable, and of course the superior have more experience than you so you should listen to and absorb. However, do not forget that you are qualified. Do not hesitate to contribute your point of views and propose the opinions, these efforts are not only shows you are making progress every day, but also prove you are energetic and enthusiastic with your work. This is plus point for you, not that “humility”.

(Source: vietnamrecruitment.blogspot.com)

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