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Mechanical Engineering

CAD software for design?

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If you're looking for top class rendering effects plus nice graphic designs then go for Solidworks. If you are looking for a simple, easy to learn software which widely used in industries then go for CATIA or Creo Parametric. But for simulations use ANSYS, its the best there is.

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Autocad - Ideal for 2D drafting

The basic software for any mechanical engineer, If you learn this it’ll definitely help you. And do learn how to read the drawings in a sheet? It is good for your professional life.


For solid modelling and Moulding design. It is user-friendly. So, easy to learn and anyone can become a pro in it. Some startups and small scale industries using it widely for its low cost.


For designing the wide range of sheet metal products, volume or surface modelling, sheet processing, assembly drawings, tool making, piping design, cast, forging, hydraulic and pneumatic design. Most of the aerodynamic related products are designed using CATIA. It's a comprehensive tool for the generation of 3D parts of all kinds. Aircraft and Auto part companies are utilising it widely.


It's 3D CAD/CAM/CAE feature-based product. Design, Simulations analyses, engineering calculations and documentation can be done by this. Specific for surface design kinda work.

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here we discuss some future trends in CAD
CAE training:
If we talk about trends in India, online learning is
relatively at its budding stage. Our students and
professionals are not well prepared for entirely e-
learning, not just CAD but any type of e-learning.

and many more 

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