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7 great ways to improve employee productivity

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1. Create the "economic incentives" for employees at all positions in the company can benefit.

Typically, these policies often focus on rewarding senior officials and ignore the ordinary employees. However, if the company wants all employees are hard-working and commit to the success of the business, do not ignore the rewarded policies for all the junior staffs. This would be extremely expensive and require businesses to design policies carefully.

2. Provide feedback regularly.

Feedback is a basic management skill. The ability of respond to comments is often useful to encourage employees and that is the foundation of effective management. Not all comments are positive results, but if done right, it will be an encouragement source for employees when they complete the work as well as they can be adjusted in necessary situations.

3. Respect each employee

how to make employee productive
Respect is a simple action but brings tremendous motivation for the staffs and of course the lack of respect will bring the opposite results. When employees feel they are actually respected, they will tend to work harder and better to contribute to the success of the company.

4. Make sure that all levels of management in the company are well trained

The companies tend to invest heavily in training senior leaders and less focused on middle managers and supervisors. Based on the experience of senior leaders, they received a lot of training and development opportunities in the later stages of their career while it is necessary in the early career stages.

5. Support for staff when it’s needed

what is your employee motivation


There are many forms of support such as modern equipment, emotional support, or support for any proposal to bring the work – life balance. The support in the right time will build employee loyalty and enhance their goodwill.

6. Do not save a compliment

The manager cannot succeed if they do not know to recognize and praise the staffs. An HR study showed that recognition gives impetus even more than money.

7. Ensure senior management model makes employees feel proud.

Nothing demoralizes staffs more than seeing senior leaders act in a way they don’t respect. Similarly, when they really admire their leader, energy work is endless.


To increase productivity, each employee must actually commit dedication to the company. This commitment is not just for responsible but comes from the voluntarily. Developing and maintaining an appropriate management method, creating solidarity among staffs is a key to the success of any enterprises.



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