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is it possible tostudy mechinical engineering when you are weak in mathematics.

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i am an 18 years old boy living in  The Gambia in west Africa...i am a high school student in my final year.And my aim is to study mechinical  engineering,but i have  doubts whether i would be able to make it cause my mathematics  is a bit weak talkless of further mathematics so am afraid whether i would be able to make it since its all about maths and physics.please help me out with ideas.

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Thanks for this information.

Is this GATE required to enter college, to enter graduate school, or what? What is a PSU?


PS: Isn't it interesting that, even if we all speak English, we still don't speak the same language? The acronyms and terminology are different from place to place.


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I would strongly suggest that we curtail the use of acronyms. When we speak in acronyms, we are speaking in code. Code is used to communicate with those "on the inside" while excluding those "on the outside." Considering that ME Forums serves a world-wide community, is it a good idea to exclude those who don't know our code?

Without a doubt, it takes a little bit more effort to write things out in full. It also assures that everyone can understand what we are saying. Why do you write a comment if you only want a few people to understand it? Please give more thought to the needs of others.


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Dear DrD Sir,

Actually GATE is an entrance test Conducted by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) for students who completed their Bachelors and wants to do Masters. 

Some public sector units also offers a job directly from the scores of GATE. 

You can appear in same for  more than one time to improve your score. 


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I took more math classes than the math majors--not a one wasted. I often call myself an applied mathematician. Math has enabled me to do all sorts of things besides mechanical engineering. I worked with several remediation teams when none of the geologists or geohydrologists or civil engineers could handle the mathematics. I solved several of the biggest pollution nightmares in North America, including the most expensive cleanup ever--on Western Cape Cod in the Kennedy's back yard. My particle tracker and 3D model builder software were the premier tools of choice for contractors working for the US Departments of Defense and Energy plus the Environmental Protection Agency for over a decade. I don't mean to be critical, but it has been my experience that engineers who don't have the "knack" (see Dilbert for details) and don't have a strong command of mathematics, end up in management. Of course, some people prefer management. I'd rather be drawn and quartered.

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