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The kind of parts we put in our car during a car repair matters. We use our cars so much that it’s easy to forget they function and operate due to a complex and well-timed interaction between very different elements. Sooner or later, every car will have to undergo repairs, and that means a replacement part will be used. 
When you find yourself faced with vehicle repair, it’s important to understand the basic differences between OEM and Like Kind and Quality after-market parts.


OEM Car Parts

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) refers to parts that are made by the original manufacturer. OEM parts should work just like the part being replaced during the car repair. There should be no unexpected issues with fit or function.  In short, when you see OEM, the original manufacturer is providing a replacement part that should work perfectly.
There is an additional wrinkle in the OEM part equation and that has to do with the complexity of the modern manufacturing process. Frequently, many different companies and manufacturers may be involved in the production of a single car.  A car company can thus sell an OEM replacement part or spare parts without actually having manufactured it directly themselves. In spite of that, an OEM part should still fit and function just as the original part it’s replacing.


Like Kind and Quality-After Market Parts

After market parts are designed to have the same function as the original part they replace, but there can be slight variations in fit. The manufacturer attempts to stamp out the part as closely as it can to the original but there can be minor differences. Depending on the part, a minor difference could be a major problem.


Why people prefer these parts? because of lower price.
This should be understood that any metal parts of an automobile is very important considering the acoustics, the composition of the alloy will determine the specific heat, fuel usage, how much heat that part can take and many other factors.
My suggestion is, not to go for these parts because they will in a shorter run hamper the performance of your vehicle and ultimately will be a bigger loss to you. Like - penny wise, pound foolish.

Like Kind and Quality-Used Parts

By opting for used parts, a consumer knows that there will likely be no issue with fit or function. The used part should work just like the original.  There are some unexpected benefits in opting for a used part.  One benefit is that a used car parts can be very helpful to the environment. A great deal of energy goes into extracting the materials needed to build a car part. Additionally, even more energy is used in stamping out and creating a new part and then shipping it, often across the world, to its final destination. A used car part can provide the same fit and function. But, at the same time, it allows for a lower carbon footprint.


Why Do I Need to Know About Car Repair Parts?

Every car owner needs to know what kind of replacement items are being put on his or her car.  First of all, the parts that are placed on your car can impact your warranty.  Also, by understanding what parts are in your car, you’ll have a deeper understanding of your car’s performance both in the short term and the long term.

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