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reason we use left-hand screws


Hi .

I'm a student and our workshop teacher asked why do we use left hand screws in car(Carburetor or radiator and not wheels ) and butane gas cylinders or valves.I have to bring him 5 reason , I asked some professionals but they didn't know(unfortunately).IF U KHNOW HELP ME. 


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Left hand screw means it goes inside when we turns it in clock wise direction. 

Now towards your question that why screws are left handed..... 

This is as per  the facts that numbers of right handed people  are very high than numbers of left handed people. And right handed people can efficiently transfer load in clock wise direction than anticlockwise.

This is the basis reason as per my knowledge.  If any more technical reasons is there than eager to know... 

Reza I also wants to know which 5 reason you explained...  

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I can let you know few reasons:

1.In case of butane/Dissolved acetylene cylinder,it is due to safety of pressure regulator.

Butane/Dissolved acetylene cylinder and the pressure regulator have got matching left hand thread so that the butane regulator can not fitted in oxygen cylinder even by mistake.

2.Single locking nut with a left hand thread prevents component from loosening on the shaft.So,as the drive shaft rotates,the component tightens over the shaft because of opposite direction of the shaft thread and direction of rotation of shaft.Example-Kitchen mixer

3.In a turn buckle,one side thread is left hand so that when the buckle is rotated,the cable is loosened or tightened depending upon direction of rotation.

4.In some application it is only a convention without any logical reason.

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