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Types of Bearings

There are many specialized types of bearings. Here are a few you might see in your everyday life while making awesome stuff:

· “Normal” Radial Ball Bearing – What someone would normally think of as a bearing, with two concentric metal circles separated by little metal balls. These simple bearings can be found in everything from skateboards to drills.

· Pillow Block Bearing – These bearings are a radial load bearing encased in a housing that can be attached to a surface parallel to the axis of rotation.

· Cam Follower Bearing – A radial load bearing with a threaded rod attached to it. Generally meant to ride on a cam to cause linear motion, these could have other interesting applications.

· Ball Bushing (Linear) Bearing – This type of bearing is used extensively to allow for the smooth motion of 3D printer and CNC router heads. Their purpose, unlike the other bearings here, is to restrict radial motion, while allowing smooth linear motion.

· Automotive Wheel Bearing – These are generally allowing for both radial and axial load to be overcome.

· Thrust Bearings – These have many uses (especially automotive), but lazy susans and bar stools are what immediately come to mind as easy examples of their use. They could also be useful for anything else that needs to rotate smoothly, like a camera panning device.

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PMS Engineers is an established supplier of world class bearings and power transmission products.
We are the first-choice channel partners for some of the world’s biggest bearing and lubricant manufacturers including Timken, NSK-RHP, NIKKI, Gamet Bearings and Motherson Sumitomo – Solid Carbide Cutting Tools.
With a powerful distribution network and support team in place, we collaborate with clients round the clock to minimize downtime, reduce working costs and improve the overall quality of operations.

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