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rao shahb

How to make project report?

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when we go to have a summer training in any company we generally take the training lightly...none of our teacher told us what we have to do there ?Which company is best for trainig? How to make the project report? What when you go for a viva then they will give you a big lecture on "What you had to do in training?" So i am just answering you about how to make a good training report.

1. Regularly go to the training with a diary to note what you have seen on that day .

2. Note the things with date and also have some photographs of the machines and workspace you have visited.

3. Now you have two options of making file.

a. Either you make the report on daily bases like you write a daily report.

b. Or make the report on weekly bases. What you learnt in a full week.

4. Paste the photographs you have taken from the company.

5. Never make the report from internet 'cut copy paste'.

If you follow all the above steps then definitely you will get the maximum marks and your work will be original...

SO hope that you like it. :wub:

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Wow... this is the topic where I would love to share my views........

Its one time or twice we get chance to be part of summer internship, we need to make sure...we make most of it.... if you do marks will be there always...

As said by Rao Shahb, I agree with him...

It looks that we would remember everything in our brains....and as such no diary is needed, but everything goes out of our brain when we are about to make our reports. Actually its not our fault, but our brain works like that..

With permission, I would like to add few points....

First I would like to say........ whenever you abt to start your internship....make sure you do literature survey, or ask your seniors........

about the company..... the manufacturing process they are into..........Quality concerns.......... new technologies available...

And most important , read all mechanical engineering topics which can be handy to understand the process........

Secondly : When u start your internship make flow diagrams........ how the material moves............process to process, department to deptt..

Thirdly......... Make sure to ask questions......on the other hand... don't ask so much.......that the operators , engineers working there feel the heat. A balance is the need of the hour...

Actually there is a special course "Research Methodology" which can be handy and for that even a new section started on the board


Once again i appreciate the topic... hoping some others will come with their views.


Saurabh Jain

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