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Need some help about car sequential transmission

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hello frnds, sorry in advance for my bad English,

currently i'm working on 3D animated tutorial about basic transmissions types, their construction and working, i'v created 3D models in 3Dsmax2014, i'v completed animation of manual H type transmission, but now i'm stucked in sequential transmission, i watched some videos on you tube, but there is nothing about reverse gear, so plz help me in this, i want to know how reverse gear works, where is it located, and how it is controlled by selector shaft, here i post some screen caps of this transmission so you can understand easily what i'm creating and what i'm asking about, in 1st picture, all the gears which are rounded only those are connected to the corresponding shafts, and those can slide over the shaft left and right to connect with adjacent gear




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firstly there is some mistake in your design, for first gear the gear on counter must be smaller than the same meshed gear on main shaft for achieving the torque and maintaining the gear ratio. For reverse gear you have to  connect three gears for which counter shaft gear and main shaft gear are not directly connected instead of which they are connected with third gear so to change the direction of the gear.

And for engaging this gear common shifter sleeve or rod has been used for 5th and reverse. Hope this will help you



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