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Flywheels: Torques, Forces, Bolt Tension etc.

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Hi everyone,

I'm an mechanically stupid mechanical engineering student. 

I have a project that requires Ansys analysis of a machine element. I've chosen a flywheel (found on internet) which happened to be a Mazda RX-8 flywheel. The dimensions are true to size, it is ready for production. 

The problem is, I generally really have no idea which influencers to apply on the wheel and where to find the accurate values of the ones that I know. I know I have to apply torque, angular velocity, and maybe the weight of the wheel. 

Can anyone please tell me exactly which influencers to apply, where to apply them on and how to find accurate values of them? 

Thank you so much! 


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As a mechanically stupid mechanical engineering student, I'd say you are in difficulties from the start!

What do you want to know about this flywheel? That is a major factor in determining what you have to provide as input.



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I want to analyze for example during the maximum rotational velocity, the stress distribution on the wheel, safety factor values, how many cycles can it bear at this velocity...

Should I take the clutch attached to it into account? I've found some experiments that focused on the temperature changes between the flywheel and the clutch. This data will be added. 

I know I should take flywheel's weight into account too, but how would I know where it is concentrated mostly in? 

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Do you have a fully dimensioned cross section for this flywheel? If so, then you should be able to proceed to your ANSYS model. The weight is distributed, so apply it that way in ANSYS. (Actually, the weight is of no importance; it is the mass that matters.)


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