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Hydrogen for fuel cells and IC engines.

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Some time ago I saw articles, most probably from car manufacturers, describing the ideas/wishes of some, to use hydrogen as fuel for their internal combustion engines, if the economies turn to it, as energy source and thus satisfy the environmental requirements.  

In my opinion it's not only the environment that has to be protected it's an  economical matter too. Internal combustion engines can't get away of an overall efficiency in the low thirties while fuel cells climb to 80%. Huge difference.

We understand how admirably the engine manufacturers have perfected them during the past 100 years or so, but they have to do the same with fuel cells and  a lot faster, because technology now is many times more advanced in all respects. It is my humble opinion that now fuel cells are not developed by the best and the progress is very slow, if I'm not mistaken there isn't a fuel cell ready for reliable use after almost two decades of research and development.


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